The HUDSON VALLEY HOUSE OF HOPE is an emergency shelter for individuals and children that are survivors of domestic violence. The shelter was founded in July 2008. The facility is designed to provide 14 residential beds. Each family is welcomed into their very own room and all residents share communal bathroom facilities, a family playroom, in-house laundry facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition to a host of advocacy services and referral resources, we provide food, clothing, children supplies, and personal hygiene items for each resident. We are passionately committed to providing a House where Hope is encouraged to grow.

What are the signs and who is affected?

Domestic Violence is an abusive behavior that one person in an intimate partner relationship uses in order to control the other. Domestic violence does not discriminate based on age, race, color or sex. The abuse is seen in the form of emotional, financial, physical, psychological, and sexual means. The abuse is seen in such behaviors as threats, name-calling, isolation from family and friends, withholding money, stalking (in person and/or on social media), actual or threatened physical harm, and sexual assault. The abuse could develop very quickly in the relationship or it could develop and/or escalate very slowly over time.

HOPE Program Services

Individual rooms per family, shared bathrooms, in-house laundry facility, playroom for children, food and personal care items supplied as needed.

Essential transportation needed for medical, education, employment, and housing provided as needed.

Supportive assistance in crisis intervention and outside agency interactions.

Groups are empowerment-centered and designed to promote individual healing and growth.

Individual sessions are designed to promote individual healing and growth.

Develop planning for various community interactions to maintain safety.

Provide individualized plans to offer goal-centered services for advocacy in areas of need.

Aid in exploring available affordable housing options in safe communities.

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