Deanna Poet

As a Hudson Valley resident, I have spent the past several years residing in Hyde Park and enjoying the incredible history that surrounds us. I work at Mid-Hudson Valley FCU where I have served as a Member Service Representative and currently in the Consumer Lending Department. My favorite activities include crafting, amateur hiking, and watching various sporting events.

Reason for Joining HVHOH Board

I was invited to a HVHOH fundraising event and was instantly drawn to the mission because at one time I too was a victim with no place to go. I wanted to find out more about the organization and how I could get involved. I started out helping with fundraising and soon after was approached about becoming a board member. Having survived Domestic Violence, it was important to me to be a part of an organization that helps survivors find their ground and transition into a better life. I am incredibly proud and grateful that my experiences in various aspects of business and fundraising have elevated the mission of Hope this organization strives so very hard to provide to our community.

Why HVHOH Matters to You

HVHOH matters to me because through the mission I can help people that are in need. I love being a part of a team that promotes Hope by creating funding opportunities and expanding the vision to develop programs that produce a better tomorrow for all.

What Hope Means to You

Hope is something that we all need, it is something that no matter what is going on in our life, it drives us forward. Without Hope, we often find ourselves in places and situations that don’t benefit us. Hope is something I strive to give others every single day in everything I do.

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