Lisa Gordon

I am currently a Branch Manager of Wells Fargo Bank in the Hudson Valley area. I have been a team member with Wells Fargo for the last 29 years in this district. I have partnered with the community that I work in to bring awareness to seniors and customers alike preventing fraud and falling victim to scams. I am passionate about advocating and educating to avoid financial abuse and help others reach their financial goals. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and walks with my dog.

Reason for Joining HVHOH Board

I initially volunteered in fundraising for the HVHOH. I discovered I really enjoy event planning and working with other dedicated volunteers. The goals of the organization to expand desperately needed services in the community resonated within me and I wanted to do more to support the mission. Domestic violence affects all people no matter your culture, social status, gender, age, or religion. Often those being abused are too afraid, too ashamed, or just do not know how to get help, and it is my passion to help bridge this gap and offer hope.

Why HVHOH Matters to You

HVHOH matters to me because it is a safe place for those in need. We provide warmth, safety, food, shelter, and most importantly compassion, empathy and love. When those in need arrive, they have a place to rest their head, set their worries aside because help is there embracing them and guiding them through the rough waters.

What Hope Means to You

To me, Hope means never giving up and knowing that something better awaits. That there is a beacon of light shining for you to see. It means never give up and that you are not alone.

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