Maureen Crush, Esq

Professionally, I am a corporate attorney and an owner of my firm in Goshen, NY – Crush & Varma Law Group P.C. Many of my clients throughout the Hudson Valley are not-for-profits providing a wide variety of services to our community. I also provide general counsel services to local businesses advising on choosing the right entity for start-ups, financing, real property deals, partner relationships and contracts. On a volunteer basis, I am very active in the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York – co-chairing two committees, Nominations and By-Laws, as well as helping the local Orange/Sullivan Chapter wherever needed. Personally, I find it peaceful and satisfying to “dig in the dirt” – creating garden spots of natural beauty and colorful patio planters.

Reason for Joining HVHOH Board

Unfortunately, like many of you, I have a personal connection with domestic violence – a family member who was abused. Also, as a member of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, I have been among attorneys who are passionate about women’s and children’s rights for many years, and the bar association often takes positions on legislation that impacts survivors of abuse and their families. I felt I could contribute my not-for-profit corporate knowledge as well as use the lens of my personal experiences to assist HVHOH and its Board to best provide its services.

Why HVHOH Matters to You

HVHOH was born from the passion and calling of one individual, Luader Smith, who had witnessed years of torment of her sister yet was unable to save her. This work is not easy and the people and particularly the children, who come to the shelter have been traumatized. The HVHOH is built on the premises that giving HOPE to those who shelter with us is a fundamental goal. It isn’t enough to offer food, clothing, medical care – the HVHOH commits to building HOPE which in turn brings strength and conviction to move forward.

What Hope Means to You

Hope moves people to action. Without hope, there is no reason to try and without the basic first step of feeling hopeful, there can be no belief in the ability to achieve.

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