Yvonne Kasper

I am owner and operator of Get Results YK. It is health and fitness company where we deliver in-person and online fitness training, nutrition coaching and strategies to live a healthier lifestyle. My fundraising efforts include holding an annual 5K fundraiser for a school in the community, fundraising for the local Food Pantry and working with a network of hospitals to supply necessities for health care workers during Covid. Prior to this, I volunteered for Meals on Wheels and was HR Director for a local non-profit organization that provided a shelter and professional services for the homeless with drug and alcohol addiction. I love fitness, eating well and living a healthy and active lifestyle. I am married and a mother of 3 (almost adult) boys. I love to motivate and inspire others to live well and be the best they can be!

Reason for Joining HVHOH Board

I joined the board because I believe in there mission to help others find hope and to get out of a situation that is dangerous for them and/or their children mentally and physically and to help them onto to the next step of healing. I know many women and children throughout my life who have suffered from domestic violence. It is painful and tragic and can be passed from generation to generation. I believe in the HVHOH’s mission to educate and stop domestic violence. Therefore, if I can help in their mission at all I am on “board”!

Why HVHOH Matters to You

The HVHOH matters to me because I believe in their mission and how they deliver it with all the tenderness and kindness imaginable. I have never seen an organization care so much about all the big details and the little details going as far as putting a teddy bear on a child’s bed. I live in the community that it is located and I believe in community and helping people around me. I have attended many events that the HVHOH held and I see the passion and commitment in the Director, employees and volunteers. They are all driven individuals who really want to help!

What Hope Means to You

Hope is knowing things will get better… knowing there is a way… knowing in your heart there is someone out there that can help you. I want to be part of giving hope to others in my business, in my personal life and in all my volunteer work.

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