Diandria Williams


Hope is a powerful force. It encourages the need to look for better. Believe in change. And the natural posture of holding your head up through the darkness. Hope can even be seen in the unfolding moment of a butterfly transitioning from its confining cocoon. Not only do I believe in Hope, I have seen it in action. I see it in the eyes of the victims and survivors we service through our mission. I see it in our team of Board Directors, staff, volunteers, and community supporters. And I see it in myself as I continue the commitment to advocate for the abused that are affected by Domestic Violence.

As a community we have a moral mandate to be the light, be the HOPE, for those in need.

As a community we have a moral mandate to be the light, be the Hope, for those in need. Advocates of Hope create communities in which everyone is safe. I am profoundly honored to represent Hope in our community as the Executive Director of the Hudson Valley House of Hope. Our mission supports advocacy, counseling, and directed programing in the transitioning of victims to survivors of domestic violence. From our hearts to yours, we thank you in partnering with us in this mission as we Hope for a tomorrow where Domestic Violence is erased from our society.

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